MyMW Club Card

$ 4.76



Keep your new MYMW Club Card in a secure, left-hand zipped pocket on its own.

Please note: Guests can only take one card through the lift access gates per day. Do not have more than one ticket on you at a time.

The card must be separate from cell phones, bank cards and any aluminium products like foil gum packaging.

MYMW Club Cards can be purchased through or on-mountain at the Alpine Lodge.

Guests must have a ticket on them before accessing any lifts.

One-ups will no longer be available.

Do not punch your card; this will cause damage to the chip rendering your card inactive.

Damaged or lost cards are subject to a $20 replacement fee. The 5-year warranty covers any defects the card may have in the first 5-years of use.

For more information please visit

If you already have a card, and would like to reload it instead of purchasing a new one, please start here: Reload MyMW Card. Note that for passes and tickets you will need the WTP number on the back of the card. For Gift Cards you will need the 16 digit number on the front.

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